The Tombs of Sayyida Atika and Muhammad El-Gafari lies on the other side of El- Seyufia Street where the tomb of Shagarat El-Durr exists and nearby the Southern Cemetery. The monument was established in the Fatimid period. The monument is a complex that contains a group of tombs for members of the family of the Prophet Mohammed. This building is considered as one of the few remaining monuments that date back to the Fatimid Period and also one of the largest remaining funerary groups in Egypt. It has a great architectural value nowadays and it still visited by many people and the Bohras and the Ismaili Shiate take over the upkeep of the monument. Concerning the design of the tomb, it is a stripped white and green domed building. On the right side stands the oldest tomb; the tomb of the Son of Gafar El-Sadeq who was the sixth Shiate Imam. On the other side appears the tomb of Atika with its ribbed dome. The majority of the decoration of the tomb does not exist now, but the squinch that support the dome still appear. The tomb is designed on the one-niche-over-three structure that distinguishes the style of this period from the Mamluk style.