The Tomb of Barsbay El-Bagassi locates in the intersection of El-Sultan Ahmed Street with another side street, next to the Tomb of Asfur. It was established by Emir Baybars Ali El-Bagassi who served as Sultan Inal's Grand Chamberlain, and then Emir Akhur or Master of Horses till his death in 1465. This tomb was once a part of a complete complex that involves a mosque and Sabil-Kuttab. The major part of this complex is totally ruined now except for the Mihrab that stands in the southeastern wall. Of special interest in the decoration of this mausoleum are the stone carvings and floral shapes over the frame of the door that highlights the Morocco style influence in this building. This tomb is surmounted by a large dome with handsomely colored roundels in its transition zone. Next to this tomb stands the Tomb of Emir Sulayman that was established in 1456. The most attractive part of this mausoleum is the dome with its tapestry decoration and the triangular corners in its lower base that highlight the impact of the Mamluk style of decoration.

There are some features of the Ottoman style of decoration including the harmoniously colored tiled inscriptions that beautify the dome and the frames of the windows. Southward these two domed-tombs, one can see the Tomb of the Seven Maidens or El-Saba Banat that dates back to the mid 15th century, but no information about the constructor and the owners are available.