The Tomb of Hassan Sadaqa locates in El Helmeia St, off El Seyufia extension. This tomb is a part of a complete complex that consists of a Madrasa and Mausoleum. This complex was constructed in (1315-1321AD) by Emir Sunqur El Saadi, Chief of Mamluk Emirs in the reign of Sultan El Naser Mohamed. After the conflict between Emir Sunqur and Sultan El Naser that ended by Sunqur's dismissal of Egypt, Sheikh Hassan Sadaqa was buried in this tomb. Worth admiration in the tomb of Hassan Sadaqa are the geometric patterns and Islamic decorations surrounding the lower base of its hemispherical dome. Next to the unique dome, appears a semi-preserved Minaret with Mamluk style of decoration. The tomb is still in a good state while the major part of the decorations that were once ornamenting the interior of the Madrasa are now lost.