The Tomb of Gani Beck lies in Qobet El-Ashraf Street 100 meters away from Sultan Farag Complex in the Northern Cemetery. This mausoleum was established by Sultan Barsbay for the burial of the Emir 16 years after the construction of Sultan Barquq Mausoleum . Emir Gani Beck was brought up Emir Sultan Barsbay he was one of the most beloved people for the Sultan. The Sultan raised him to the grade of Emir of Forty in a very short period and this raised many people's jealousy against him. Gani Beck was assassinated at the age of 25 and buried in his tomb attached to his Madrasa in Bab Zuwayla and then transferred to this tomb few years later by the commission of the Sultan. This tomb is highly distinguished by the complex geometric patterns that beautify its dome.