The tomb of Emir Sudun lies in the cemetery of the Sayyeda Eisha area. The tomb was constructed by Emir Sudun who was Emir Majlis at the time of Sultan El-Ghuri. He was famous for his bravery and his equestrian skills. Emir Sudun was killed in the battle of Marj Dabiq during his war against the Ottoman Sultan in 1516. The tomb follows the Mamluk style of decoration which appears in the brick dome that is decorated with chevron objects and the arched panels and many other features. The tomb is built of stone and the upper corner of the tomb is decorated with concave-convex molding. The blazon of Emir Sudun is obviously carved on the wall and it is as complicated as the other Mamluk blazons. The tomb is illuminated through some finely decorated windows.