The Maqaad of Mamay El-Sayfy situates in Maydan Bait El-Qadi next to the remains of another palace that date back to the Mamluk period also. This Maqaad or hall is the only remaining part of a building that was once the palace of Emir Seif El-Din Mamay Ibn Khadad served as Emir of Hundred and then as the envoy of Sultan Qaytbay to the Ottoman court in 1496. He was assassinated in 1497 shortly after finishing the construction of his palace. This palace was used at the end of the Ottoman Period as a court, and in earlier times as a commercial center and its remains were restored in 2002. Of special note among the remains of the palace are the beautiful arched arcades and the blazon of Emir Seif that beautifies the portal. Although the major part of the building is a ruinous state, the handsome poetic inscriptions that were carved below the ceiling around the whole hall are worth seeing.