The Gate, Tomb, and Takiya of El-Gulshani situates in Bab Zuwayla Street. The complex was constructed by Ibrahim El-Gulshani, a Sufi Shaykh who came to Egypt after the victory of the Safavid over Azrabaijan. He occupied a good position in the country since he was a man of intellect who wrote a lot of valuable Philosophical political writings. He is credited to building the first Tekiya of the Khalawaty Sufi Order in Egypt. The complex is distinguished by its style of decoration that has some features of the Mamluk Style and others of the Ottoman.
The influence of the Mamluk style appears in decorating most of the corners with chamfering. At the same time, there are some features of the Ottoman style including the use of freestanding with beautiful tiles on it. The façade of the complex is distinguished by the imposing stairs that lead to the interior plan. The beauty of the interior part of the building is accentuated by the identically carved tiles. .