The tomb of Fatima Khatun or Umm El-Saleh locates in El-Ashraf Street few meters southward the Fatimid tombs. Sultan El-Mansour Qalawun ordered Emir Alam El-Deen Sangar, the supervisor on the construction of the funerary complex of Sultan Qalawun's family, to build this tomb. Fatima Khatun was Sultan Qalawun's wife and the mother of his successor El-Malik El-Saleh Alaa El-Deen Ali. The monument was designed as a complex that involves a Madrasa and a beautiful garden and the mausoleum of Fatima. To enter the shrine one should go through the tunnel-vaulted gateway that stands nearby the Minaret. The fact and the lower part of the Minaret follow the Syrian style of decoration that was commonly used at that time. The frames of the windows of the tomb are finely decorated with floriated Kufic inscriptions. The tomb is distinguished by its pendentive stalactites used for supporting the dome.