The tomb of Emir Tankizbugha is few meters down to the Street of Sidi Galal in El-Sayyida Eisha square. It was established by Tankizbugha who was the brother-in-law of Sultan Hasan. He occupied a good position in the Mamluk period and served as Emir of One Hundred and Emir Majlis. He built another complex nearby the Northern Cemetery that contains a mausoleum and a Khanqah. This tomb is decorated in a unique way that distinguishes it from any other Mamluk tomb. The dome of the tomb has an unusual concave and convex molding since it rests on twelve-sided drum. The lower part of that dome is strangely designed as a sharp-toothed collar.

The only decorations that appear in the interior part of the dome are a roundel in the central area and some shell forms in the corners. Northward the shrine of Tankizbugha stands a beautifully decorated tomb but no enough information concerning its constructor name and construction date are available.It is supposed that this tomb was constructed in late the 14th century because of its style of decoration. The dome of that tomb is decorated with convex fluting and the Mihrab hood is ornamented with interlacing arcades.