The Zawiya or Mabbad of El-Rifaey locates in the El-Sultan Ahmed Street next to the Tomb of the Seven Maidens or El-Saba Banat. There is no clear evidence indicating the real owner of this building but it is believed that it belongs to Ahmad Ibn Ali Abu Abbas El-Rifaey. This man was regarded as the founder of the Rifaey Mazhab that was adopted by many people in the Medieval Egypt. He was also regarded as the saint of the Snake Charmers in Egypt and he died in Iraq in 1183. The major distinction of this monument, whose door is closed now, is the dome that is decorated in the Mamluk style with an arch over two windows supports. This dome surmounts the room in which the followers of El-Rifaey were gathering and performing their religious ceremonies or Dhikr.

Monument Number: 108

Construction Date: Century 10AH/Century 16AD

Construction Era: The Mamluke Period

Constructor Name: Unknown

Monument Kind: Zawiya/ Mosque

Status: Preserved

Region: Monshaet Nasser

Address: El Sultan Ahmed Street, Mameluk Necropolis, Eastern Desert