The Mashhad or Cemetery of Yahya El-Shabihy lies in El-Imam Elleithy Street few meters away from the tomb of his sister Umm Kulthum. Behind this Mashhad one can see the ruins of the Tomb of Qasim El-Tayyib who is the father of Yahya, Abdullah, and Umm Kulthum. The interior plan of the Mashhad depicts a central room with an ambulatory in three sides of it and a brick dome. It contains the cenotaph of Yahya El-Shabihy who died in 877 and Abdullah El-Shabihy who died in 875. In the Fatimid period, some frames decorated with floriated Kufic inscriptions that indicate the name of the owner of each cenotaph inside the tomb and when he died were added during the restoration of the tomb. At the reign of Mohamed Ali another tomb was attached to the Mashhad which is the tomb of Ismail Asim Pasha who was a high official at that time. This tomb can be seen through the opening in the northeast wall of the Mashhad.