The Tombs of Ali Beck El-Kabir and Ismail Beck El-Kabir locate in El-Imam El-Shafey Square few meters away from Hosh Mohammed Ali and the Mausoleum of El Imam El Shafey . The tomb was established by Ali Beck El-Kabir who played a great role in the Ottoman period. He was a rebellious man and one of the retainers of Abd El-Rahman Katkhuda for a long period and served as Shaykh El-Balad in 1760. After regaining a great power and gathering a number of Mamluks around him, Ali Beck exiled Katkhuda out of Egypt.

One of the most famous Mamluks who supported Ali Beck is Ismail Beck who is buried nearby him. During the Ottoman war against Russian, Ali Beck's power increased to an extent that made him represent an imminent threat for the Ottoman Sultan who avoided his alliance with Russians by making him the viceroy of Egypt. After ruling Egypt for a period of time giving himself the title of Aziz Misr or the mighty ruler of Egypt, Ali Beck died in a battle between him and one of his Mamluks who wanted to control over Egypt called Mohammed Abu El-Dahab in 1733. The tomb stands in a vast courtyard that contains three canopy tombs. These cenotaphs belong to Ali Beck El-Kabir, Ismail Beck El-Kabir and Murad Bey, who was the ruler of Egypt when Napolion Bonaparte entered it. There are some ruined parts of this tomb but it is still worth visiting for the historical value it represents.