The Mausoleum of Emir Qarasunqur locates in El Gamaliya Street off Bab El-Nasr Street. This funerary complex was founded by Qarasunqur who was one of the prominent noblemen and who served as a minister in the Fatimid period. He attained the grade of Gukandar or polo master of Sultan Qalawun. The building of Qarasunqur was consisting originally of his palace and his Mausoleum. The palace is totally ruined except for few marble panels that can be seen in the Museum of Islamic Art now and its site is occupied with the Khanqah of Sultan Barsbay II currently. The most admired item among the remains of Qarasunqur's tomb is the large window which was taken from the Abbasid Caliph palace in Baghdad to beautify the façade of the tomb.