The Mausoleum of Yunus El-Dewedar lies in Maydan El-Qalaa or the Citadel Square close to the Hod of Shaykhu . It was established by Yunus El-Dewedar who worked as Executive Secretary or Royal Messenger of Sultan Barquq. Emir Dewedar died in a battle in Syria and was buried in an unknown tomb there. The father of Dewedar was buried in this mausoleum for a while and then he was transferred to another tomb in the Northern Cemetery later. The major part of the building that was once a complete complex is in ruins now and the only remaining thing is the mausoleum.
This mausoleum is distinguished by its dome that has a melon shape and is ornamented with ribs. The lower part of the dome is supplied with beautiful panels and windows surrounded by handsome carved arabesque. The columns of the tomb are decorated with the blazon of Emir Yunus Dewedar as the Cupbearer of Sultan Barquq.