The Tomb of Umm Anuk locates in the intersection of El-Sultan Ahmed Street with one of the side street next to the Tomb of Guzal and it can be obviously seen from Salah Salem Street. This mausoleum was established by Princess Tughay, the favorite wife Sultan El-Nasir Muhammed and the mother of his son Anuk. This mausoleum that is regarded as one of the most beautiful funerary structures in Cairo was mainly erected to be a Khanqah with two domed mausoleums on its either sides. The domed tomb on the left is almost ruined now and its dome disappeared now, while the other one that belongs to the Princess is still in a good state. Its dome is beautified with handsome Quran inscriptions and there are other ornaments that appear on some of the buildings that were built by Sultan El-Nasir such as the Mosque of Aslam El-Silihdar. The influence of the Persian style of decoration appears clearly in this mausoleum in the central courtyard with its stucco roundels and charmingly ornamented panels, and the Mihrab with its nice stucco arabesque vestiges.