The cemetery of Hosh El-Pasha or Tomb of Mohamed Ali Family locates nearby the Square of Imam El-Shafey . It was established by Ibrahim Pasha Ibn Mohamed Ali Pasha as a cemetery for the family. It contains the cenotaphs of the sons of Mohammed Ali, Ismail, Tusun, and Ibrahim in addition to their wives and siblings, their loyal retainers and some prominent noblemen and counselors. The tomb stands as a luxuriously decorated domed building that is brightly painted with gilded green and ornamented with flowers and garlands. It opens with a vast barren courtyard that was once a beautiful garden.

Each of the tombs is decorated with a certain thing that indicates the sex and rank of its owner. On the cenotaphs of men appear some turbans or fezzes, and on the ones of women appear coronets and sometimes some painted braids are placed to highlight that this is a royal wife. The first and most prominent tomb in the Hosh is the one of the mother of Khedive Tawfiq which is handsomely decorated with a towering white marble. There are also two opposite tombs richly ornamented with bronze grills on the left where Tusun and Ismail are buried, while the third son Ibrahim Pasha is buried in a high double-domed cenotaph next to them. The cemetery involves also the cenotaph of Abbas I, Ilhami Pasha, and Ahmed Rifat who are all members of Mohammed Ali family.