The tomb of Shagarat El-Durr lies 100 meters away from El-Seyufia Street. It was established by Shagarat El-Durr who was the wife of the last Ayyubid Sultan El-Saleh Ayyub . She ruled Egypt for a short period of time till the arrival of Turan Shah to inherit the throne after his father's death. After the murder of Turan Shah, Shagarat El-Durr married the new ruler of Egypt Sultan Aybak and controlled the power with him. Discovering that he had another wife, she conspired to assassinate him. Aybak's second wife took revenge of the for the death of her husband by killing Shagarat Al-Durr and shetrew her body from the top of the Citadel . She was buried three days after her death. The tomb is regarded as one of the few remaining Ayyubid buildings in Cairo. It is decorated on the Fatimid period style since it has a beautiful carved stucco ornaments. The tomb was a part of a complex that contains a Madrasa but now it stands as a small shrine surrounded with an iron fence. The Mihrab of the complex is beautifully ornamented with tree-shaped glass mosaics. This Mihrab is supported with some carved wooden panels that date back to the Fatimid period.