The Khanqah and Mausoleum of Emir Qawsun lies in El Qaderya Street off El Sayyida Eisha square. It was erected by Emir Qawsun who was the husband of the daughter of Sultan El Nasir Muhammed. He played a major role in the rule of the country for a short period and then he was assassinated in 1341.He is buried in his mausoleum. The complex of Qawsun is regarded as the first major complex that was built in the Bahri Mamluk period in this area. The Minaret of the complex follows the Mamluk style of decoration in the use of keel- arched finial and stalactite niches.
It is distinguished by the projecting niches that shape the spiky collar. There are few remains of the handsome stucco decoration that was put on the exterior wall which highlight that the monument was designed by professional craftsmen.