The Tomb of Nasrallah and the Tomb of Azrumuk locate in the Eastern Mamluk Necropolis about 90 meters away from the corner of El-Sultan Ahmed Street. Nasrallah was one of the prominent Mamluks in the late Mamluk period and was known as Kuz El-Asal or the pot of honey. Of special interest in the tomb of Nasrallah that date from 1441 is the huge dome roundel moldings and Zigzag shapes around its transition zone. Next to this tomb exists the tomb of Emir Azrumuk, the Emir of Thousand at the reign of Sultan Qunsuwa Abu Said. The most admirable part of this tomb is the dome that is handsomely ornamented with remarkable faience blobs. These two domed buildings stand nearby the mausoleum of El-Sayyid Umar Makram. This mausoleum that date back to the first half of the 19th century is worth visiting for the historical value and the great role of its owner. He was one of the leaders who played a great roll in rallying the mob against the French invasion and in supporting Muhammed Ali to assume the power of Egypt. He was one of the students of El-Azhar and there is a great mosque in El-Tahrir Square that carries his name.