The Mosque-Madrasa of El-Kamil Ayyub, the son of Saladin's brother, lies in El-Muiz Le Din Allah Street nearby Sultan Barquq Complex . It was regarded as one of the greatest theology schools in Egypt in the13th and 14th century. The importance of this Madrasa decreased, because of the great famine that stroked Egypt in the early beginning of the 15th century. The major part of the original building destroyed and most of the present remains traces back to the Ottoman period such as the portal and the remnants of the Mashrabiya window and some wooden works with Islamic style.The Madrasa suffered from some damages during the hard times that Egypt in the history of Egypt and then it was renovated in 2002. El-Kamil Ayyub Madrasa is is distinguished by its interior plan and its system of delivering water for the prayers in the mosque. Of special note also is the central open courtyard with beautiful ablution in its center and finely decorated arches surrounding it and supporting the ceiling of the four aisles around it.