The Madrasa of Qatlubugha El-Dhahabi lies Suq El-Silah Street. The Madrasa was established Emir Qatlubugha El-Dhahabi in 1347. The Monument contains many charming parts including: the Mihrab, the Minaret, and the dome. The Minaret and the Mihrab appear on the other side of the facade. There are handsome medallions on the right side of the Mihrab. The Minbar of the mosque dates back to 1706AD/1118AH. The dome is distinguished by its Iranian style that appears clearly in its style of decoration. It had been unsuccessfully restored in 1940.  Monument Number: 242 . Construction Date: 1347AD/748AH. Construction Era: The Mamluk Period . Constructor Name: Qatlubugha al-Dhahabi . Monument Kind: Madrasa/ Mosque . Area:Suq El-Silah Street