The Sabil-Kuttab of Muhammad Katkhuda Mustahfizan lies in El-Tebbana Street nearby the Mosque of Ahmad El-Mihmandar . This complex includes a Sabil, a Kuttab, a Wikala, a Rabe and some shops northward the Sabil. There was also a group of shops and houses that do not exist now. It was established by Emir Muhammad who was the chief of Janissaries in the Ottoman period. Emir Mohamed suffered from a financial problem that forced him to sell this complex to Yusuf Kizlar Agha who was in charge of the imperial Harem at the time of Sultan Muhammed IV and but was exiled to Egypt in 1687. The Sabil-Kuttab has two façades finely decorated with colorful tiles . There are some carved inscriptions of the name of God on the windows of the Sabil but some of these inscriptions are in ruins now. Inside the Sabil-Kuttab, under a wooden hood appears the Salsabil with its marble carved panel that was used for helping providing water for the passersby.