The Sabil-Kuttab, Wikala and Hod of Sultan Qaytbay locate in El-Sheikh Mohamed Abdu Street, few meters away from El-Azhar Mosque. This complex was constructed by Sultan Qaytbay who established a huge number of buildings in the Mamluk period that still exist and preserve their beauty including the Madrasa of Qaytbay . This complex is appreciated for its excessively decorated double-arched entrance and the beautifully carved panels, and lintels. Westward the façade stands the Sabil-Kuttab of Qaytbay with its handsome carvings that appear on the door and the windows. The Hod of Qaytbay lies in one of the corner of the complex near by other monumental places.
In spite of the damages that appear on the structure of the complex it is still worth visiting for its unique Wikala. This Wikala is considered one of the most important commercial centers in Cairo and a rare example of the Mamluk Wikalas that still exist.It is inhabited by people and used as a commercial center that includes a large number of shops till now. The Wikala is admired for its gracefully ornamented portal that is surrounded by a large number of mosque on its either sides. The interior plan of the building, consists of a number of storerooms in the lower base, in addition to a number of rooms for the merchants and travelers and poor workers of the Wikala in the upper floor.