The Mosque-Mausoleum of El-Nasir Mohamed locates in El Muiz Le Din Allah Street. It was established by El-Nasir Mohammed who was one of Sultan Qalawun's Sons and who assumed the power for about 42 years. He was described as a brave, intelligent, deceitful and shrewd man and he was interested in the construction of great building and some of them still exist. In 1296, Sultan El Adel initiated setting up this complex that was completed at the time of his successor Sultan El-Nasir.

The doorway of the complex was salvaged from the Crusaders church in Acre by El-Ashraf Khalil . On the right side of this tomb stands the Mausoleum that involves the bodies of Sultan El-Nasir's wife the daughter of Suqbay and her son Anuk while the Sultan himself is buried in Sultan Qalawun Mausoleum . The Mosque-Madrasa stands on the left side of the complex's doorway. In 1870 the dome of the mosque collapsed and it was not rebuilt again. The Minaret of the Mosque is beautifully covered with stucco and next to it appears the remains of the lower part of the dome.

The monument was renovated in 1985. The Madrasa is regarded as one of the early Madrasas in Cairo to be built in the Cruciform style. The interior plan of the Madrasa consists of a central courtyard surrounded by four arched aisles each one was dedicated to one of the schools of Islamic rites. The Mihrab is placed in one of the corners of the eastern aisle and is decorated with stucco carvings.