The Sabil-Kuttab of Ruqayya Dudu is one of the marvellous structures within Suq El-Selah Street off El Darb El Ahmar . It was established by the mother of Ruqayya Dudu, Lady Badawiya Shahin , as a charity for her daughter's death. Ruqayya Dudu is the daughter of Radwan Katkhuda El-Julfi who was a regimental Mamluk officer and a leader of Julfiya group. He was more interested in building lofty houses and leading a pleasureful life than being involved in the political affairs. This Sabil can be regarded as one of the most distinguished Sabil-Kuttabs in Cairo. It has many attractive features including the woodwork decorations that appear on its roof and the handsome grillwork on the windows. There are also beautifully decorated frames, columns and recesses. The front part of the Sabil is distinguished by the rectangular panels.