The Sabil-Kuttab of Tusun Pasha locates in one of the side alleys off El Muiz Street next to Bab Zuwayla . It was constructed by Ahmed Tusun who played a great role in overcoming the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia and he died in 1816. It is planned to establish a museum that highlight the works of Tusun Pasha. The design of this Sabil is distinguished by its round front and its decoration that imitate the style that was used in Mohammed Ali Period. It is admired for its beautiful vestiges including acanthus, grilles, sunbursts and the handsome inscriptions of some Quran verses on the walls. During the restoration of the building, two cisterns were discovered and a beautifully decorated dome. The Kuttab consists of a number of rooms that were used as a school in the late 19th century.