The Madrasa-Mausoleum of Tatar El-Higaziya locates in El-Qafasseen Side Street few meters away from the Mosque of Mahmoud Muharram . This complex was built by Princess Tatar the sister of Sultan Hassan and the wife of Emir Baktimur El-Higazi. She died 13 years after her husband's assassination and was buried with him in the mausoleum that she established for him. It stands in one of the corners of the complex with a window overlooking the street and allowing the passersby to see the cenotaph inside the tomb and pray for the deceased. Of special interest in the mausoleum annexed to the mosque is the ribbed dome over it with its fascinating Mamluk styel of decoration.
The Mosque-Madrasa was originally the palace of Princess Tatar, but it was converted into a Madrasa after her death. From inside, the building consists of three aisles two of them on the side of the Qibla. In some of the corners of these aisles one can find some doors leading to the ablution fountain, and the storeroom of the mosque. The beauty of the interior plan is accentuated by the arabesque scrolls and the handsome Quran Inscriptions on the walls.