The Madrasa of Umm Sultan Shaban lies in Bab El-Wazir Street off El Darb El Ahmar . It was established by Sultan El-Ashraf Shaaban Ibn Hussein mainly for teaching the Shafey and the Hanafy Islamic Mazhabs. It was dedicated to his mother, conmemorating her pilgrimage to Mecca. At the begining Sultan El-Ashraf Shaaban Ibn Hussein wished to build a a complex that includes khanqah, Madrasa, and mosque for himself next to the Citadel but he was killed before finishing it. He was buried in the madrasa of his mother. On the right side of the entrance, there is a water spring and on the left there is a Sabil that is covered with a handsomely designed Mashrabiya screen.

The Façade of this madrasa is highly distinguished by its entrance that is decorated with rows of Muqarnasat and honeycomb. The frame and the tier of the façade are beautifully colored. The Madrasa includes two tombs with a design that varies from the common style of decoration at the Mamluk period. The walls of the tombs are free from marble decorations, but they hace two luxuriously decorated domes. The large tomb was dedicated to the mother of sultan El-Ashraf and her daughter. On the right side of that tomb, lies the tomb of Sultan El-Ashraf Shaban and his son El-Mansur Hajji. This tomb has very little decoration.