The Madrasa of Inal El-Yussufi or Atbaki lies in El Darbel Ahmar Street near by the Mosque of Mahmoud El-Kurdi . It was built by Emir Inal Ibn Abdullah El-Yussufi El-Yalboghawy in the days of Sultan Barquq. He became Emir Selah in 1337 and his blazon appears clearly on the stained windows of the mosque. There are many points of similarity between the structure of El-Kurdi mosque and this Madrasa in the design of the minaret and the dome but with slight difference. The mosque has a brick dome beautifully decorated with modeled ribs.

In the southern corner appears the Sabil-Kuttab of the mosque that has a decorated screen made of wood. The interior plan consists of the nave of the Qibla with a beautiful design that was imitated later in other buildings. The main courtyard has a lantern ceiling. This court was surrounded by some naves: the Qibla nave and the one that stands in front of it were enlarged, while the other side naves were removed. The majority of the inner decorations of the mosque are in ruins now. Using the mosque as a school for studying Quran and prophetic instructions and a place for prayer was common for a long time in Egypt.