Madrasa and Sabil-Kuttab of Sultan Mahmoud lies in the point of intersection of Sharia El-Habbaniya and Sharia Port Said. This complex that traces back to the 18th century was erected by Sultan Mahmud I. The Madrasa of Sultan Mahmud is one of the few Madrasas that were established in the Ottoman period . There a side entrance of the Madrasa in Sharia El-Habbaniya that is decorated with Iznik tiles and interwoven moldings. The main entrance of the Madrasa that appears in Sharia Port Said has a band of simple leaf forms on its façade and there is a group of small shops close to it.
The portal of it is ornamented with harmoniously decorated tiles. After the entrance, appear some stair steps that precede a courtyard with domed arcades that includes a number of small rooms. The Madrasa includes also a small mosque that stands in one of its corners. The Sabil is typically designed on the style that was used in the Ottoman Mamluk period with beautiful façade and a Salsabil. It has brick walls and its ceiling is handsomely ornamented. The Sabil is illuminated through window grills ornamented with the Tughra or royal cipher of Sultan Mahmud.