The Sabil-Kuttab and House of Bashir Agha Dar El-Saada locates in Sharia El-Habbaniya next to the Madrasa of Sultan Mahmoud . This complex was established by Bashir Agha who was one of the prominent and powerful noblemen in the Ottoman period serving as a Kizlar Agha or Agha Dar El-Saada. He occupied this post for along period. The complex of Dar El-Saada has a charming view that highlights how beautiful this area was in the late 17th century. The charitable noblemen at that time were used to build the Sabil to provide thirst passersby with cold water, while the Kuttab was used as a place for studying Quran and prophetic instructions. Next to the Sabil-Kuttab stands the house of Bashir Agha with its beautiful Mashrabiya windows railing across its façade.