The necropolis of the Tombs of Al-Shatby (Chatby) is located in Shatby Station, before St. Mark College in the city of Alexandria. Tombs at this site date back to the 3rd century, circa 360 BC. The necropolis was accidentally discovered in 1893. These charming tombs offer the oldest example of Alexandrian-style burials cut into rock. Patterned after the architectural style of old Greek houses, the tombs resemble a small open museum with sarcophagi and statues from the ancient Egyptians through the Roman Period surrounding the sunken tomb area. They bear great resemblance with those found in the Anfoushi District. The plan of the main tomb in the necropolis reveals a doorway leading into a hall then into another hall then into an open yard. To the east of the yard, there is a doorway leading to the burial chamber. Every tomb has a doorway, which leads to a corridor and two chambers. Inside one of the tombs, a number of vessels, containing human ashes, were found. As for the decorative architecture, the main tomb was ornamented with half pillars, amid which were false doors