Built in the 15th century, Qaitbay (or Qaytbay) Citadel is located in the far north of the entrance to the eastern harbor, at the same place where the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria lay.
The founder of the Citadel of Qaitbay is Sultan Al-Ashraf Abou Anasr Saif El-Din Qaitbay El-Jerkasy Al-Zahiry (1468-1496 A.D) who was a Mamluke who had come to Egypt as a young man, less than 20 years old.It served as an important part of the fortification system of the city in the 15th century A.D Modeled on the style of the Middle Ages, it comprises three floors.
At the citadel, the Maritime Museum was opened in commemoration of the ancient maritime heritage of Alexandria.