El-Nozha Gardens lies in the center of the city of Alexandria. It comprises several gardens such as the Antoniadis Gardens, the Children's Park and the Zoological Garden. Occupying 150 acres, it was planned during the reign of Khedive Ismail. The Antoniadis Gardens belonged to John Antioniadis, a wealthy Greek citizen and a generous patron of the city who founded it in 1860. The no less attractive Antioniadis Gardens is the perfect place for those seeking relaxation. The villa's garden, a place out of this world, houses a number of Venus statues, several fountains, good collections of plants, a tropical greenhouse as well as some archeological remains, including a Gnostic tomb and a cistern.

The Zoological Garden occupies a high position among the most distinct zoos in Africa, being the second garden over the whole continent. This park was doubly enlarged to comprise an artificial lake for graceful water birds, a huge high tower to view the garden from the above and a museum for natural history. Periodically, the municipality adds more rare species of animals and birds and establishes stables and proper cages for them. Inside the zoo, the Children's Park was established for the amusement of the people of the surrounding areas.