Extending over more than 97 acres, Alexandria Sporting Club is one of the most renowned clubs in the city. This famous social and sportive club is located in Sporting District, in the city of Alexandria. It was established in 1889 by Emir Omar Tusson, grandson of Khedive Said, with the help of a British figure from the British community that lived in Egypt at that time. The official inauguration of the club was held in September 10th, 1890 and it was attended by the Khedive himself. Since this occasion, the club had been a place that draws high class people, Egyptian stock dealers, and many other important figures both Egyptian and foreign.


One can enter the club through one of its two main gates. The southern gate overlooks Horreya Road while the northern the Sporting Tram station. The club now comprises a horse racetrack, 16 tennis playgrounds, 3 swimming pools, many football playgrounds, 3 handball fields, as well as a polo field and a wide golf field. Also included are a number of rooms, restaurants, coffeehouses and a bus stand.