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What to visit in Alexandria ?

Alexandria, the Bride of the Mediterranean Sea

The City of Alexandria is considered the second largest city in Egypt and one of the major harbors in Egypt. It is the capital of Alexandria Gorvenrorate with more than 3 millions inhabitants. It lies in the north of the country, about 225 km from Ca .....Mas

History of Alexandria and the Dream of Alexander the Great

According to Plutarch, Alexander the Great was haunted with a dream to found Alexandria in an island in the turbulent sea, in front of Egypt. Even before going to Egypt, he dreamt of a big, rich and prosperous city. In 332, Alexander defeated the Pe .....Mas

The Museum and the Library in Alexandria

Ptolemy II Filadelfo was the founder of the building erected near the Royal Palace, known from the beginning as 'The Museum', a name driven from the Muses (the Greek goddesses of the arts and sciences). Considered the oldest scientific establishme .....Mas

The School of Alexandria

At the beginning, the name referred to the Jewish philosophy of Philo, who lived in Alexandria in the first century, and interpreted the Bible by applying the methods of Platon. But later, the name was applied to the school of philosophy of the Chris .....Mas

Alexandria under The Roman Rule

During the Roman Period, Alexandria suffered various disasters and various wars that left behind a great deal of destruction. It was struck by the Bucolic War in 172-5 as well as the sabotage of Caracalla in 215, Valerian in 253, the troops of Zenobi .....Mas