Visit Tomb of Thuthmosis III (KV 34)

Tomb of Thutmosis III (KV 34)

Some scholars named Tuthmosis III "Napoleon of the East", but we think that Napoleon is the one who have to be named by the name of Tuthmosis, (Tuthmosis means born by Thoth). In the first twenty-two years of Tuthmosis III's reign, he was co-regent .....Mas

Architecture of the Tomb of Thutmosis III

Tomb KV 34 has the classic plan used in the tombs of the Eighteenth Dynasty, with a sharp turn at the vestibule preceding the burial chamber. There are two corridors leading to a vestibule with two columns preceded by a quadrangular shaft with an a .....Mas

The Vestibule of the Tomb of Thutmosis III

The Vestibule of Tomb KV 34 is decorated with very unique and distinctive scenes compared to any other scenes in any tomb in the Valley. The scenes show the 741 deities in the Book of Imydwat. On the two pillars in the middle of the chamber, there a .....Mas

The Well Chamber of the Tomb of Thutmosis III

The roof of the Well Chamber of the Tomb of Thutmosis III is decorated with yellow stars on a blue background and a Khekher-frieze along the top of the walls. Ahead of the well shaft, there is Chamber F which is a squared room with two undecorated p .....Mas

The Burial Chamber of the Tomb of Thutmosis III

The Burial Chamber of Tomb KV 34 has an oval shape and its ceiling is supported by two pillars. Most probably the shape was intended to represent a royal cartouche. The chamber is about 14.6 meters by 8.5 meters and its walls are decorated with scene .....Mas

The Imydwat Book in the Tomb of Thutmosis III

The Book of Imydwat consists of twelve hours. The scenes of those hours are depicted upon the walls of the Burial Chamber of KV 34. The first, second, third, and fourth hours are found on the front wall; the fifth and sixth on the right wall, sevent .....Mas