Visit Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra

Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra (TT 100)

Since he had descended from a noble family of viziers, Rekhmire was helped to rise rapidly in the bureaucracy. He was Vizier of Upper Egypt, Mayor of Thebes, and holder of many other important titles under the reign of Thutmes III and the early years .....Mas

Entrance and Transverse Hall of the Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra

Entering the Tomb of Rekhmire, one finds prayers to some of the principal gods of Egypt: Ra-Harakhty, Amun-Ra, Thoth and Osiris, whom he wishes would protect him in the Hereafter. On the right, one finds the important text of Rekh-Mi-Ra describing h .....Mas

The Passage at the Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra

The second room of the Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra is called the 'Passage'. Scenes on walls on the right side of this room show the activities of Rekh-Mi-Ra as a vizier and depict his funerary rituals. On the left side, there are workshops dedicated to the di .....Mas