Visit Step Pyramid of Djoser

Step Pyramid Complex of Zoser

The Step Pyramid Complex was built by King Zoser (Djoser) of the Third Dynasty and designed by his architect Imhotep. The only entrance of the complex is situated to the south-east corner that leads into a Colonnade. As soon as you pass from the en .....Mas

The Step Pyramid of Zoser

When the Step Pyramid of Zoser was firstly designed, it was designed to be a squared-shaped mastaba, the height of which was about 8 feet and each side measures about 63 m. The core of this mastaba was built of local stone and covered with a layer o .....Mas

The Open Court of the Complex of Zoser

The Open Court of Djoser (Zoser) Step Pyramid Complex has two main features, one of which is an altar or an offering table taking the shape of Htp sign. It is made out of limestone and it has a small flight of steps leading to its top. The Htp sign .....Mas

Heb-Sed Complex of Zoser

The Heb-Sed Complex enclosed within Djoser (Zoser) Step Pyramid Complex consists mainly of the Heb-Sed Court and the House of the North and House of the South. The Heb-Sed Court is a building that imitates a building in Memphis. It has 13 dummy chap .....Mas

The Mortuary Temple on the Complex of Zoser

The rectangular-shaped Mortuary Temple of Djoser (Zoser) Step Pyramid Complex is situated to the north of the Step Pyramid. Lying on the south-east corner, it entrance leads to a passage having numerous turns that lead to two open courts, each of whi .....Mas