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Ramesseum, Memorial Temple of Ramses II

King Ramses II called his temple "The Temple of Millions of Years of User-Maat-Ra", which was one of his titles that means 'the Power of the Justice of Ra'. Work in the temple continued from the beginning of the reign of Ramses II until the 22nd year .....Mas

The First Court of the Ramesseum

On the south side of the First Court of the Memorial Temple of Ramses II (Ramesseum), one can eye the remains of a double row of columns, behind which stands a doorway that once led into the King's palace. Behind the palace, lie the remains of recen .....Mas

The Second Pylon of the Ramesseum

The Second Pylon of the Ramesseum is in a very bad status and only part of its north tower remains to our times. The bedrock, on which the pylon was built, is two meters higher than the first court; and a staircase led to the pylon. Around the Secon .....Mas

The Second Court of the Ramesseum

The walls, columns, and pillars of the Second Court of the Ramesseum are largely destroyed. On the western side of the court, three staircases lead to a portico and a hypostyle hall. In front of the portico, one finds ten Osiride pillars and ten colu .....Mas

The Outbuildings of the Ramesseum

Around the main temple were erected the well-preserved mud-brick storerooms. In these buildings, tributes were paid by foreign countries; and agricultural surpluses were stored and redistributed. On the north side of the temple, we can also see the .....Mas