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Temple of Ptah
The Temple of Ptah lies across the first court of the great Amun temple, just by the enclosure wall and the portal which leads to the precinct of Montu. Interestingly, the temple is in excellent condition with some of the finest carvings of all of Karnak. It comprises five gateways decorated with relief depicting kings with the double crown on their heads. Passing through the gateways, one gets into a small courtyard and a narrow transverse hall. There are three shrines open to the transverse hall, two of which are dedicated to god Ptah and the other to goddess Hathor. The temple consists of three sanctuaries that are of Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertum, the three deities forming the Triad of Memphis. In the most sacred sections of the temple, there are two statues of Ptah and his wife Sekhmet (placed in the chapel dedicated to goddess Hathor). The sanctuaries are preceded by a small portico of two columns and a pylon in the name of Tuthmosis III (of the 18th Dynasty), who built the core of the temple on the site of an earlier temple of the Middle Kingdom in wood. Many later pharaohs made additions, while the Ptolemaic rulers reconstructed the original structure rather than adding their own cartouches. One of the most significant carvings at the temple is that showing King Ptolemy IV offering a statuette of a "sphinx bearing the cosmetics" to Ptah. In this scene, Ptah is shown holding the Was, the Ankh and the Djed in his hands.