Philae Temple in Aswan

The original site of the temple is the Island of Philae which disappeared under the waters of the middle lake between the Old Dam and the High Dam, after the building of the latter. Before the High Dam, and during the summer months, the Philae Island .....Mas

Kiosks of Nectanebo I and Trajan in Philae Temple

This is one of the earliest still surviving monuments in the island and it dates back to the 30th dynasty. It lies at the beginning of the Ancient Quay where boats now land at the southwestern corner of the great temple. This is a hall with screen wa .....Mas

The First and Second Courts of Philae Temple

The First Court of Philae Temple lies between two colonnades in front of the first pylon. The left colonnade is the more complete and it contains thirty-one columns, of the original thirty-two, with floral capitals. The walls behind it have windows t .....Mas

The First and Second Pylons of Philae Temple

The First Pylon of Philae Temple measures 45 meters wide and 18 meters high. It has two towers with a gate between them which leads to the Second Court. On the pylons, you can observe grooves that were used for flag poles. The pylon was first started .....Mas

The Mammisi of the Temple of Philae

From the First Pylon, the left tower, there is a small door that leads to a small room which opens onto a stairway and this stairway leads to the roof (now closed). After that, we find the Birth-House, or Mammisi. The idea of the birth-house had be .....Mas

The Vestibules and the Sanctuary of Philae Temple

After the Second Pylon, we reach the -once was- Hypostyle Hall. Some of the columns were removed by the early Christians to convert the place into a church. There is also a Christian altar dates back to 500 AD. Three small antechambers lead to the .....Mas

Other Outer Minor Buildings of Philae Temple

To the north of the Temple of Isis, we can see ruins of the Temples of Claudius and Augustus, the Roman town gate that leads to a quay, two ancient Coptic churches as well as the Temple of Hathor. The walls of the Temple of Hathor are filled with ca .....Mas