Luxor Temple

King Amenhotep III (of the Eighteenth Dynasty) and the son of Tuthmosis IV built the inner part of the Temple of Luxor, close to the Nile, just to the south of the city. The temple was completed during the reign of Ramses II of the Ninth Dynasty. Li .....Mas

The Opet Feast

The Opet was being celebrated in the 2nd month of inundation. During this festival, a statue of Amun and Min was carried in a procession from Karank to Luxor in a ceremony called “The Beautiful Opet”. Lasting for 24 days, this festival was one of .....Mas

The Sphinx Avenue Before Luxor Temple

Entering the Temple of Luxor from north, before the main body of the temple, one sees the Thirtieth Dynasty's Avenue of Sphinxes built by Nectanbo I and this avenue extending three miles towards Karnak temples. These human-headed sphinxes take the fa .....Mas

The First Pylon of Luxor Temple

The Luxor Temple is fronted by a 24m high and 65m wide pylon of Ramses II. The outer walls of the pylon are decorated by sunk relief representing the Battle of Kadesh between King Ramses II and the Hittites of Syria in the 5th year of his reign. The .....Mas

The First Court of Ramses II at Luxor Temple

Measuring about 57m long and 51m wide, the First Court of Ramses II lies behind the First Pylon of Luxor Temple. It has 4 double rows of 74 columns around its 4 sides. These columns are papyrus bud columns and the arcades used to be roofed. The colum .....Mas

The Second Pylon at Luxor Temple

The Second Pylon at Luxor Temple was also built by King Ramses II. On each side of its gateway, there is one statue of Ramses II. The one in the left shows queen Nefertari carved between the King’s legs, and on the throne, there is a representation .....Mas

The Colonnade of Amenhotep III at Luxor Temple

The Colonnade of Pharaoh Amenhotep III enclosed within the Complex of the Luxor Temple is the first part of the temple made by this King. It consists of fourteen large open papyrus capitals columns about 16 meters high, arranged to mark a high proces .....Mas

The Court of Amenhotep III at Luxor Temple

The Court of Amenhotep III measures 45 m. long by 56 m. wide with double rows of papyrus columns on three sides. The northern end was originally the entrance to the temple. These columns are well preserved except at the northern end. .....Mas

The Hypostyle Hall at Luxor Temple

The Hypostyle Hall at Luxor Temple is sometimes called the Vestibule. It consists of 32 papyrus bud columns grouped in 4 rows. In front of the central columns are fragments of an architrave with the cartouche of King Sobek Hotep III, of the Thirteent .....Mas

Roman Church at Luxor Temple

The Hypostyle Hall opens into the First Antechamber, also known as the Roman Sanctuary. This area was occupied by 8 columns which were removed when the area was converted into a Roman church. The door to the Roman church was walled into a curved rece .....Mas

The Second Antechamber at Luxor Temple

The First Antechamber leads to the second one with four columns. It is considered an offering chapel and it contains scenes of the King making offerings to Amun. To the east of this antechamber is a passage leading to a room with three columns. Thi .....Mas

The Birth Room at Luxor Temple

On the walls of the Birth Room at Luxor Temple, are depicted scenes of the divine birth of Amenhotep III, shown on 3 registers: 1) Starting at the bottom, from right to left: _ Amun Re, Hathor and “Mutmwia”, the mother of the king, are embraci .....Mas

The Sanctuary of Alexander the Great at Luxor Temple

Sanctuary of Alexander the Great at Luxor Temple is also known as the Sanctuary of Sacred Barks. It was built by Alexander the Great. This hall was also converted by the Christians into a church. Alexander the Great is shown on the outer walls of t .....Mas

The Last Transverse Hall at Luxor Temple

The Sanctuary of Alexander the Great leads to the Transverse Hall with 12 papyrus bud columns. The scenes in the Transverse Hall are badly damaged except for some scenes. To the south, there is a scene of the King in front of a tree before Amun Re an .....Mas

The Sanctuary of Luxor Temple

The Sanctuary of Luxor Temple is a small, squared room with four columns. The scenes on its walls represent god Amun. The sanctuary also contains a bench carved in stone for god Amun to rest on. At the end of the temple, there is a group of rooms w .....Mas