Visit Hathor Temple

Temple of Hathor

Attested by some historical as well as archeological testimonies is the fact that in the site of the actual temple there were previous sacred buildings dedicated to goddess Hathor (worshipped as a cow-deity in the Egyptian pantheon). The actual tem .....Mas

The Vestibule of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera

On getting inside the temple, one can admire the eighteen sistrum-shaped columns that form a huge forest, that normally symbolize the original marshes were Ancient Egyptian gods were born. The structure is well reserved and almost intact. Magnificent .....Mas

The Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Dendera

The Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor is formed by two rows of three columns, with granite bases. On the columns, a King is worshipping many deities by whom he is blessed. Dedicating the Temple to Hathor and Horus, the scenes on the walls are al .....Mas

The Antechambers of the Temple of Hathor

Lying directly after the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor is the First Antechamber, which is called the 'Hall of Offerings'. It once had a wooden door of double leaves. Here, the scenes are of worshipping Hathor, Horus and other deities. On bo .....Mas

The Sanctuary of the Temple of Hathor

Leaving the Second Antechamber, one finds the Sanctuary of the Temple of Hathor surrounded by 11 small rooms. In this sanctuary, the sacred barks of Hathor, Horus, their son Harsmoutus and Isis were kept. The Sanctuary was the most sacred place of t .....Mas

The Roof and Rear Wall of the Temple of Hathor

The roof of the Temple of Hathor is reached through taking the left stairs in the first vestibule. The walls of the stairwells are decorated with scenes depicting of the priests bearing statues of Hathor on the occasion of the New Year's ritual and f .....Mas

The Temple of Isis and Coptic Church in the Temple of Dendera

The Temple of Isis lies behind the grand Temple of Hathor in Dendera. Taking blocks from earlier buildings, Emperor Augustus built the temple in a small construction with a small but interesting sacred lake. Beside the Roman Birth House and in fron .....Mas

The Birth House in Dendera

The large Birth House at Denderah lies in front of the Temple of Hathor. It was begun by Augustus Octavius; however, cartouches and decorations of Trajan and Hardin are seen. It was dedicated to Harsmoutus (the son resulting from the marriage of Hath .....Mas