Cheops Pyramid in Giza Plateau

Cheops is the Greek name given to King Khufu and it means 'He who Protects me". It was King Cheops who chose the Giza Plateau (to the north of Dahshur) to begin the construction works of his own pyramid complex. Virtually, the Pyramid of Khufu –wh .....Mas

The Plan of Cheops Pyramid

Commonly accepted among many scholars is the suggestion of Bochardt that the pyramid’s three chambers represent two changes in plan, with the abandonment of the subterranean chamber believed to be the original intended burial chamber of the King an .....Mas

Temples of Cheops Pyramid Complex

The funerary complex of King Cheops contains two temples (the valley temple and the funerary or mortuary temple), connected to each other with a causeway. Both temples and the causeway are situated to the east of the Great Pyramid. .....Mas

The Valley Temple of Cheops Pyramid

The Valley Temple of the Great Pyramid of Keops (Khufu) was a place where a number of religious activities took place, such as the mummification, purification, and the opening of the mouth rite. Today, the temple is buried under the village of Nazlet .....Mas

The Causeway of Cheops Temple

The Causeway connects the Valley Temple with the Mortuary Temple of Cheops. Built of limestone, it measures nearly 720 yards in length and 60 feet in width; it was roofed and its side walls were decorated with multiple scenes. In the last century, th .....Mas

The Mortuary Temple of Cheops Pyramid

The Mortuary Temple is a rectangular building, built of limestone with its longer axis running from east to west. It measures 171 feet in length and 132 feet in width. Unfortunately, the temple is now completely destroyed except for its floor (in the .....Mas

The Mastabas around Cheops Pyramid

The Pyramid of Cheops is surrounded from three sides by mastabas, only the northern side is empty. These mastabas are outside its enclosure. Built of mud-brick, local stone and limestone, the mastabas were erected for high officials and the King's re .....Mas

Subsidiary Pyramids of Cheops Pyramid

To the east of the great pyramid and to the south of causeway, stand the Subsidiary Pyramids of Cheops Pyramid. Each of these pyramids has a funerary chapel situated on its eastern side. The first Subsidiary Pyramid belongs to Cheops' sister, Merit- .....Mas