The Bent Pyramid

King Sneferu of the Fourth Dynasty built the Bent Pyramid on a square ground plan of l88 m in each side. The pyramid had two entrances, one in the northern side and the other in the western side, the function of which is not clear. The rising angle o .....Mas

Inside the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu

The Bent Pyramid of Sneferu has two unique internal structures, with entrances on the north and west sides. From the northern side, a long sloping passage, about 174m, leads to a narrow antechamber with corbelled roof. The burial chamber, also corbel .....Mas

The Complex of the Bent Pyramid

At the centre of the eastern side of the Bent Pyramid is a small chapel, like that of Meidum. Some scholars hold the belief that this small chapel represents the mortuary temple of the complex, while others suggest that it was merely a simple shrine .....Mas