The Godess of Mystery and Magic, Isis

Isis is one of the most prominent and admired ancient Egyptian goddesses who was known as the daughter of Geb and Nut and the sister and wife of Osiris. She was called the Great Mother or the mother of universe due to her great sacrifice and suffer she bore in order to protect her son Horus from his vicious uncle Seth who was plotting to kill him after killing his father. There is a lament song that highlights her great love and loyalty for her husband Osiris and the unbearable burdens she bore in order to gather the pieces of his body and to protect his son.
She is presented in the Book of the Dead standing with Nephthys, her sister, behind Osiris to help him as the chief god of the dead and she is supposed to be the goddess of grains who assists her husband the god of grains since she was usually associated with the Nile.
The drawings on the walls of the Temple of Phiala, one of the major temples for worshiping Isis, present her feeding Horus and others depict Thuth presenting gifts for her and her son. Isis appears also on the wall paintings in the temple of Luxor protecting Khnum who is molding a child on his potter's wheel in the Birth Room. More paintings, amulets and statues for her were found in the temple of Seti I and also in Tutankhamun tomb.
The myth of Isis has some points of contradictions in her attitudes. The most shocking thing is her attitude towards Seth since she sympathized with him and helped him to escape from the hands of Horus in spite of killing her husband and being the reason for all her suffer. Moreover, it is explained that she made her grandfather Ra suffer a lot in order to gain more power to be able to achieve her own goal and that she gained some magical power by the help of Thuth and used them with both her enemies and friends. In addition, her anguish for Osiris death caused the death of the sons of the king of Byblos who tried to protect and help her.

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