The Twenty-Five Dynasty (The Nubian)

The Nubian Kingdom to the south took full advantage of the division and political instability . Prior to Piye's Year 20 campaign into Egypt , the previous Nubian ruler , Kashta , had already extended his kingdom's influence over into Thebes when he compelled Shepenupet , the serving Divine Adoratice of Amun and Takelot III's sister , to adopt his own daughter Amenirdis , to be her successor .
Piye (Piankhi) marched north and defeated the combined might of several native Egyptian rulers such as Peftjaubast , Osorkon IV of Tanis , Iuput II of Leontopolis and Tefnakht of Sais . He established the Twenty-five Dynasty . In fact , Upper Egypt held out longer against Nubian invaders until being overrun by the armies of their ruler Piankhi all the way to Memphis . Piankhi's brother , Shabaka , marched north to conquer the Delta and reunite Upper and Lower Egypt under the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Nubian Kings (747-656BC) . During this period , there was an artistic and cultural revival . The Twenty-fifth Dynasty ended when Assyrian armies captured Memphis and attacked Thebes , driving the Nubian pharaoh Tanutamun back to Nubia .
He was succeeded first by his brother , Shabaka , and then by his two sons: Shebitku and Taharqa . Taharqa's reign and that of his successor , (his cousin) Tanutamun , were filled with constant conflict with the Assyrians .
After a long period of resistance , Thebes was occupied and Memphis was ignored . The Dynasty ended with its rulers centered in the relative backwater of the city of Napata .

Columns at Ibrahim Terbana Mosque, in Alexandria

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