The Tulunid Dynasty

Ahmad Ibn Tulun was the founder of the Tulunid Dynasty . He was born in 853 . His father was a Turkish slave who was sent to Baghdad by the Governor of Bukhara , as a present to the Abbassid Caliph , El-Ma'mun .
Ahmad Ibn Tulun learnt Arabic and studied Koran , the science of law and many other religious books . Moreover , he took a military course at Samarra and became very competent and well-qualified .
In 868 , the Emir Bakbak was appointed Governor of Egypt . Then , he sent his stepson , Ahmad Ibn Tulun , as his representative at Fustat .

Finely designed islamic carvings, geometric patterns and kufic inscriptions over the main entrance of Abd El Rahman Katkhuda Sabil and Kuttab

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