The Triad of Memphis

Built by the kings of the First Dynasty , Memphis had been the capital city of Egypt around 3000 BC , after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt . Though not much have survived from ancient Memphis , little remains– including scattered statues , alabaster beds , gigantic sarcophagi , sphinxes , and temples– provide clues to the religious life of the city .
At the reduction of influence of gods of Heliopolis , about the fifth and sixth dynasties , the gods of Memphis started to take a new character . As first principle , creator , 'father of gods' , and head of a triad (that included his consort Sekhmet and their son Nefertem ) , god Ptah (who was believed to have had international political powers) was combined with the gods of Heliopolis . Since Horus was an ingredient of god Ptah , the latter was made a supreme god when the former became the god of both Upper and Lower Egypt (after wars between him and Seth were brought to an end) .

Some of the various colored skillfully-drawn decorations in the first court of the Temple of Ramses III

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